KARACHI - Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL), Muslim Commercial Bank(MCB), Pakistan Refinery Ltd(PRL), Unilever, and ICI are likely to post marginal increase in their financial results for the quarter ended on June 30, 2008 while Allied Bank (ABL), Lucky Cement and Indus Motor are being expected to show a decline in their financial results. Following aforesaid companies have announced their board meetings in the ongoing week for announcing their financial results. OGDC to post net profit of Rs50.3bn (EPS Rs11.7) versus net profit of Rs45.6bn (EPS Rs10.6) in FY07, a growth of 10 per cent. This growth is mainly led by record high Arab Light prices in FY08. However, the impact of higher oil prices to an extent would be offset by high royalty payments and higher tax payments on account of previous tax liabilities. OGDC could also announce final cash dividend of Rs4.5 per share taking full year payout to Rs10.5 per share. MCB is expected to post net profits of Rs7.8bn (EPS Rs12.4) in 1H2008, versus earnings of Rs7.7bn (EPS Rs12.2) in 1H2007, an increase of 2pc YoY. The main reason for this increase in earnings is the expected 6pc increase in net interest income to Rs12.6bn as against Rs11.8bn recorded in 1H2007. It is being expected that the bank to announce dividends of Rs3 per share. Moreover, given the sale of 8.1pc (50.6mn shares) by MCB's pension fund to Maybank in May 2008. PRL to post robust earnings of Rs58/share (Rs2bn) in FY08 versus EPS of Rs7/share (Rs251m) in FY07. Thus, analysts expect 4QFY08 earnings to reach Rs18/share (Rs627mn) against loss of Rs4.4/share (Rs156m) in 4QFY07. Although gross refinery margin is expected to stay in negative zone, inventory gains of Rs1.7-1.8bn (assuming crude inventory holding of 18 days) will jack up earnings in final quarter. However, possibility of higher earnings in 4QFY08 can not be ruled out. Analysts forecast that company to announce final cash dividend of Rs5-6/share. Unilever is expected to post a PAT of Rs976.7mn (EPS Rs73.48), a growth of 9.8pc, versus a PAT of Rs862.1mn (EPS Rs64.85) for the same period last year. Top and bottom line growth is expected to be driven by the Home and Personal Care (HPC) and ice cream segments. The beverage segment is likely to deliver flat growth for the quarter and this trend is not expected to reverse going forward . Although rising raw material costs are likely to place pressure on margins it is being forecasted that the company may maintain margins through selective product price hikes. ICI to post net PAT of Rs834mn, reflecting an increase of 13pc YoY, and EPS Rs6.01 with an interim dividend of Rs2.75/share. Indus Motor to post net profits of Rs2.3bn (EPS Rs29.3) versus earnings of Rs2.7bn (EPS Rs34.9) in FY07 - a decline of 16%. Along with the result, analysts expect the company to announce final cash dividend of Rs6-7 per share which will take full year cash dividend to Rs10-11 per share. The decrease in earnings is expected on account of 2% fall in unit sales and rising costs amid rupee depreciation. Lucky cement to post FY08 earnings of Rs2.3bn (fully diluted EPS Rs7.1) versus Rs2.5bn (EPS Rs7.9) in FY07, a decline of 10pc. The company's operating profit is expected to grow by 6pc however; analysts expect a negative per share impact of Rs1.43 in fourth quarter due to rupee depreciation on cross currency swap agreements. It is also being expected that the company may announce a cash dividend of Rs1 per share. ABL to post earnings of Rs2.5bn (EPS Rs3.9) versus earnings of Rs2.8bn (EPS Rs4.3) in 1H2007, a decline of 8pc YoY. This decline in earnings is largely attributable to higher provisions against non performing loans during the period. Analysts expect ABL to book provisions of Rs1bn in 1H2008 as against provisions of Rs149mn recorded in 1H2007. Analysts also expect the bank to announce dividends of Rs1.5/share along with these results.