I saw Pakistan's name skyrocketing: after 60 years we are heading nose-down for belly - landing: the vision of Rand-Corporation and our known enemy. At this stage, we must earnestly pray and work hard to see Pakistan safe and very strong. In this article, only most serious problems have been discussed briefly with special reference to Kashmir. Palace intrigues. Soon after the death of Quaid-e-Azam, the palace intrigues had commenced, which continued at the behest of our enemies. We were/are not in a position to put a stop to miserable failures and the drift on the slippery ground of our own making. At this most critical point of time, we see you both from the houses of saints who tried to save the souls of our people. Being in most vital positions you have a blessed role. The security of the state lies in the hands of moral men. Kargil: When the Resistance Movement of Kashmiris was ebbing, Kargil operation was launched. It was a stunning success at the start but it led to fiasco and begging from US to save our soul. This proved as yet another turning point in our history. Who was responsible: the accountability was never done in the past hence bad days did not come to an end. Nawaz Sharif sought a meeting with Clinton, on July 4, an unusual appointment on the National Day of America. US president imposed Indian demands on Pakistan - Vajpayee guiding from Delhi. Sharif accepted all the conditions. The Indian forces became free to resort to genocide; we left Kashmiris in hell. This was the stage when the enemy found us weakest ever. We were no longer supporting the cause of Kashmiris seeking rescue from India and their right of self-determination as per UN Resolutions. The only shield Kashmiris had was removed: it was exploited subsequently by US. Historic Venom: India worked hard to demolish "The TENT" as they called Pakistan. IWT was arranged, we lost three Eastern Rivers. The World Bank violated the international law which does not permit change of flow or course of water-ways. The Western Rivers supporting the "replacement works" were declared: "for exclusive use of Pakistan." However, India could "generate power only from the run of the rivers water - no construction." India constructed many dams and power-houses. Having laid-out the ground work, the Indian minister of water and power said (14 June 2002) in a conference at Delhi: "When we abrogate IWT, Pakistan will be in a stage of draught and Pakistanis will cry for drops of water." We took no notice of the warning. Too sad to record that two governments of Pakistan had almost agreed to allow construction of WuIler-Barrage which can turn Mangla-Dam into a 110 square miles of a sandy-patch. We never took it as a matter of life and death nor challenged Indian violations seriously. We quietly saw the enemy digging our grave. India wants to discuss its Wullar Barrage project, the source of Mangla Dam, we also have agreed to keep it on the agenda...mesmerised? Lately, India has become aggressive even daring to object to Neelum-Jhelum Hydel project (Vision 2030): the ground-breaking ceremony was held at Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad. Did India allow us to see their over 60 projects? We never knew when Sala Dam was constructed. We have been defeated in mind. Our impotently raised points were brushed aside by the World Bank. We never showed our will to challenge India on violations of IWT. It is not the question of 52 or 62 or more dams: it is bad enough that India has violated and is violating IWT and has a mind to abrogate it. It has been reported lately that Indians are undertaking a massive construction of a long tunnel on River Indus; East of Kargil to divert waters which are feeding Tarbela Dam and the future project of Bhasha-Dam. We are seeing that the Indian programme aims at integrating all the waters of Indus Basin Water System. The Indian demand to get in picture on ground regarding Kishanganga-Jhelum-Hydel proves the point: Indus water council meeting (June 2-3, 2008) at Lahore showed divergence of approach hence postponement till the end of July 08. The statement of Jamait Ali Shah reveals all. He said in the seminar at Lahore on June 4, 2008: "India had already grabbed three Eastern Rivers; it wants to grab other three rivers also. India can construct thousand dams; it has not stopped water so far." India could not store water - it could generate power only from run of the rivers water " but no construction: all that could spell hell, has happened: yet no concern? American Interferrence in Kashmir Dispute: In April 1997 US scholars visited India and Pakistan - they wrote the book The Way Ahead recommending "seven Regions solution"; later followed by Five Entities adopted by General Musharraf as his own theme. The two "Entities" of AK and NA (on our side), valley Jammu and Ladakh (Indian side) to have "self-rule" under joint control of India and Pakistan. There is a difference between statecraft and reckless confidence; the president did not consult anybody before offering this solution to India: a most irresponsible and damaging move. Kasuri (FM) said in 2007: "We have reached an irreversible stage in negotiation on Kashmir....if there is going to be any war, it will be on waters." Do we have war on our cards? We are trying to bury the hurts which India has been inflicting on us. We are given to displaying one-sided goodwill to India at the peril of life of the nation. A Historical Reminder: Not one Hindu state was allowed to accede to Pakistan. Following the US, Musharraf also discarded UN Resolutions which had guaranteed the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris. Buses and travel facilities have exposed Indian aims of declaring the "LOC as a boundary which will not be revised." There are 367 torture-houses in full operation; young women are taken to camps and villages raided at anytime by choice: even the brides were snatched from dear ones and raped Why India must have 700,000 troops against an insignificant number of mujahideen? Pakistan's leaders with a vision must know the reasons and significance of this vital phenomenon. Glimpses of Kashmir Tragedy: Prior to, during and after the partition, Mountbatten performed as the master of the ceremony, as a "member of family" (Nehru). Maharani and Gandhi were employed to influence the Maharaja to release Sheikh Abdullah - the unchallenged leader of Kashmiris. Abdullah could mesmerise the great gathering of innocent Muslims. Mountbatten advanced the date of transfer of power from August 1948 to June 1947 - August 1947. The Maharaja was told not to announce the accession before August 14, 1947. Quaid-e-Azam was not allowed to visit Kashmir. Before this, Gurdaspur a Pakistani territory was given to India to provide direct land-route to Kashmir. A top secret project was undertaken to build a road from Pathankor to Jammu. The Boundary Commission Award was amended by Mountbatten and announced by him on August 17 1947 - three days after the transfer of power on August 14. In 1953 Abdullah demanded his authority as promised; he was jailed for 14 years. The lion was tamed - he asked for the next best in 1975 - the rule of the family and he died in 1982. Kashmiris suffered the worst at the hands of the Indian forces during the Raj of Abdullah's family. His sons and grandsons now out of power, say much about their disappointments with India but they are still for India. The Resistance Movement (December 2, 1989) by Kashmiris startled India. A high power delegation led by Rajiv Gandhi visited Srinagar to assess the situation. Rajiv wrote down: "Kashmiris have lost fear of death, Kashmir is lost to India." In 1993, America renounced the UN Resolutions as "Redundant and obsolete." In 1997, US scholars published and distributed a report recommending settlement of Kashmir dispute on basis of Seven Regions, subsequently another fling of guidance was given under, Five Entities, adopted by Musharraf as his own concept. AK and NAs two entities, the valley, Jammu and Ladakh three (three entities) to be given "self-rule" under Joint Control of India and Pakistan - accepting Kashmir as the Indian Territory. Such mindless gestures must have amused Indians a lot. How could Musharraf, without consultation, declare solutions seriously damaging the rights of the people of Kashmir: to please India and US? Pity Pakistan became the decider of fate of Kashmiris without any sense of history. Musharraf to please India and US selected Mir Waiz Farooq who has no following. His father was killed by Kashmiris. Presently, the "Five Entities" drama is current - supported by Waiz. The fangs of conspiracy are hurting us today. We can see how the charlatans can destroy the future of innocent people/nation. Resolving Kashmir Dispute: In the past our adventures were too thin to hurt India though Indian weaknesses were revealed many times but our weakness helped them stay in demanding position. One possible solution good for both India and Pakistan - without loss of face is possible. If India had to accept the partition of India and Pakistan was cheated on Gurdaspur then another dose of bitter pill - lay in the Chenab-line concept of 1951 with some modifications: pundits the brains of Kashmir should return to the valley and three districts Kathua, Ramban and Jammu be given to India with a proviso: the "exclusiveness" of Western Rivers must be maintained - Chenab to remain on its centuries old course without any interference from India. If it is not possible due to India's effective occupation and support it is receiving, it will be a treachery on the part of Pakistan to abandon 14 million Muslims to become Indians when they do not want to be Indian - especially when they have a right of self-determination under UN Resolutions. The fate of Kashmir the Jugular Vein of Pakistan must never be left to "trackers" of any kind. Pakistan must never mediate on the issue - it must defend the rights of people of Kashmir. It was really great to hear the foreign minister declaring after the recent conference with India, that "it was the right of Kashmiris to decide their fate." Pakistan's strategic interests are very closely linked with its security of Pakistan which has been threatened all the years even after the partition. However, remedy of Pakistan's sufferings and problems lies in the hands of our leaders who must build their position as the reformers with all the attributes. They have to produce a team of neat and dedicated workers to ensure getting rid of the curse in which Pakistan is caught. History proves that prestige, personal character, vision and performance are/have been the assets of leaders who served their nations well - despite odds and opposition. They were not bitten by bug of greed nor reputation. I wind up my submission by praying for the security and honour of Pakistan The writer is a retired brigadier