KARACHI - Large numbers of PPP workers and supporters, after resignation of President Musharraf, gathered outside the Bilawal House and chanted slogans in favour of Martyred Benazir Bhutto and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. PPP supporters came out on streets and started firing, chanting and dancing to celebrate resignation of President Perveaz Musharraf. In different areas of the city, Peoples distributed sweets and greeted each other over resignation of ousted president. In posh areas, Defence Area people belonging to different walks of life also distributed sweets on this occasion. Apart from this, a large numbers of PPP workers including women gathered outside the Bilawal House to celebrate resignation of Perveaz Musharraf from presidency and distributed sweets among the workers. The Provincial Ministers, Advisors, Special Advisors and other workers were gathered at the CMS house to celebrate the occasion. Merriment and glee was witnessed there on the faces of the people. Provincial Minister Dr. Mohan Lal, Minister En. Muhammad Rafiq Advocate, Advisor Rashid Rabani, Waqar Mahndi, CMS's Advisor Gul Muhammad Jakhrani, Sardar Muhammad Ismail, Imtiaz Mullah, Saeed Ghani, Abu Bhai, Syad Fasial Abidi and other officials and workers also marked the occasion with their presence.