ISLAMABAD - The ouster of President Pervez Musharraf has not only disappointed PML-Q but also triggered fears about king's party's future among Q-Leaguers that consider the demise of their mentor as the preface to the end of a political entity. PML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain said that they had extended their full support to the President. However, he said, if the impeachment motion were moved in the Parliament, it could bring dire consequences. "I take the resignation of Pervez Musharraf as President of Pakistan in true spirit", he said, adding that it must be taken positively for the sake of national interests. "Close aides of Musharraf had given him the suggestion to resign", he said. Meanwhile, Pakistan Muslim League-Q has convened its Central Executive Committee meeting today (Tuesday) in Islamabad to devise future course of action for the party particularly on the issue of how to maintain the unity of party in the backdrop of President Musharraf's disappearance from the political scene of the country. PML-Q parliamentarians reacting over the resignation of President Musharraf noted that it had happened on the advice of President's bureaucratic friends. "Whenever some Q-League leader or legislator met the President, he advised him to face impeachment move boldly but these were his bureaucratic aides who had advised him to step down", said Sheikh Waqas Akram while talking to The Nation.   He said that the test of PML-Q was over and now it was ruling coalition's responsibility to deliver to the masses and fulfil its pledges. Sheikh Waqas Akram said that if some lawmakers of the party joined hands with the ruling coalition, it would never shatter the strength of Opposition.   The like-minded group in the party headed by Riaz Fatyana that had emerged at the time of nomination of party's Parliamentary Leader and Chief Whip is still angry with Chaudhry brothers, and has resumed its efforts to dislodge Chaudhrys from the top slot of party. Though, PML-Q lawmaker, Kashmala Tariq who was the most active member of the group has parted her ways with it owing to her differences with Fatyana, she still does not want to work under Chaudhrys.    PML-Q lawmaker, Kashmala Tariq's sentiments came to the surface on Monday again when she came with the idea of making Pervez Musharraf the head of the party. While talking to a private TV channel, she said that Pervez Musharraf should bring out the PML-Q from the crisis as he himself had organized the party. The 'Q' lawmakers who are at the same wavelength with the reformist group include Sardar Israr Khan Tareen, Nasrullah Khan Bijrani and others. The Chaudhrys of Gujrat had somewhat succeeded to control the dissident group in the party by expelling Kashmala from party but the impeachment move further shattered party's unity and many other Q-League legislators, against the will of party's central command announced to support presidential impeachment. Sardar Bahadur Khan Sihar, Muhammad Aslam Bodla, Saddique Khan Baloch, Sardar Talib Hussain Nakai, Malik Nauman Ahmad Langrial, Muhammad Nawaz Allai and others were among the group that was demanding President Musharraf to resign. The sources in PML-Q told this scribe that the supporters of presidential impeachment in the recent days had developed congenial relations with the partners of ruling alliance. Some PML-Q leaders denying the impression of party's imminent split say that the integration of party would never suffer serious blow in the presence of anti-defection law. "The PML-Q forward bloc in Punjab has lost its identity as they are neither the part of PML-N nor PML-Q", said an MNA. He said that some parliamentarians of PML-Q could cooperate with PPP or PML-N in future due to their differences with party's leadership but they would remain the part of PML-Q.      Background interviews with various PML-Q leaders revealed that they were confident that PML-Q would stay united as long as the incumbent ruling coalition remained intact. "PML-N cannot welcome Q-League lawmakers as it annoys PPP and vice versa", a PML-Q Senator observed.   During discussion with PML-Q leaders and legislators, it was also learnt that a few elements were also trying to unite various factions of PML but with no fruits at the ground yet. "Pakistan Muslim League could not be united till the current coalition exists as the PPP Co-Chairman has already asked PML-N leaders not to enter into any reconciliation with Q-League with the fear that the move would reduce PPP in a minority party in the National Assembly", said a PML-Q parliamentarian. Senator Muhammad Ali Durrani termed the resignation by President Pervez Musharraf as a "bold and prudent decision taken in the larger national and public interest. His resignation would give an end to the claims of government that the presidency was conspiring against democratic setup. We are now a true Opposition and my party would keep playing its role for the protection of public rights and political stability," he added. News Desk adds: National Assembly Opposition leader Ch. Pervez Elahi has said that President Musharraf has proved to be a true and sincere Pakistani by tendering his resignation because otherwise clashes between institutions such as Parliament, judiciary and the Army were badly feared. Pervez Elahi said this while talking to a private TV channel in a special interview. He said that the govt should now reinstate the judges immediately because no hindrance has been left in this connection. He said the ruling coalition should now bring the necessities of life such as electricity, petrol, flour, sugar, pulses and edible oil prices to moderate rates and finish loadshedding as previously they would hold Musharraf responsible for all the problems. Answering a question about NRO, he said that Pervez Musharraf issued the NRO in order to normalise the situation earlier deteriorated by Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto during their respective regimes. He said it was through NRO that all the cases were finished and Nawaz, Shahbaz, Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari were able to return to the country. He said Musharraf fulfilled the promise of holding free and fair elections which enabled the Opposition people to come into power. He said the biggest test case for the ruling coalition would be to field a joint Presidential candidate and now it would be seen which candidate they bring forward. 'We stood by Musharraf till he himself tendered resignation; similarly we sided with Sharifs and kept their families at our home but they went in exile to Saudi Arabia at their own', the ex-CM Punjab said. Ch Pervaiz said that a meeting of the Central Executive Committee of his party was going to be held on Tuesday (today) after which meeting would also be held at provincial level. 'We have representatives in all the four provinces while 'N' has in Punjab only. We have a greater popular vote than Nawaz Sharif,' he said ,adding, that PML(Q) was united and being strengthened more. Answering a question about reducing price-hike, he said the present rulers had won elections on the same slogan, now they should bring prices down at least to the level at the were in their (Q League) regime.