LAHORE – The Pakistan Railways Police (PRP) claimed on Saturday to have handed over a petrol pump to the deserving party, also claiming that no favouritism has been made in this regard.

According to the details, the railways police had allowed the building and operation of a petrol pump on the department’s property to the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) initially for a period of 10 years, extendable for another 10 years, to generate revenue for compensating the families of martyred police officials besides supporting other welfare activities.

According to the agreement, the railways police said, the profit was to be shared between the two parties: the Pakistan Railways Police Welfare and Sports Fund, and the PSO. However, the profit was dwindling over the years and no profit was shown by the PSO from October 2010 onwards.

Alternatively, the railways police handed over the operation of the petrol pump to another party that offered Rs1,240,000 per year. This was considered a substantial amount as compared with no receipts since October 2010, the railways police added.

The aggrieved party also filed a writ petition in the Lahore High Court (LHC) in this regard. The para-wise comments on the writ petition were filed by Railways IGP through Advocate Irfan Masood. Accordingly, the matter is pending adjudication before the court. Necessary action would be taken in the light of the LHC’s direction, the railways police stated.

Meanwhile, a complaint was filed in the Ministry of Railways that the railways police had handed over the petrol pump to its favourite party. The railways police claimed that on receipt of directives from the Ministry of Railways, the complainant Attique was approached but to no avail since no one lived at the address given by him. So the department considered the complaint pseudonymous and filed it, the railways police held.