ISLAMABAD  – National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) has embarked upon a crash drive to reach out to the citizens of Pakistan for CNICs on war footing, the Spokesperson NADRA said the other day.

Pakistan has emerged as one of the few countries in the world where 96 percent of the adult population has been registered through the most secure biometric technology introduced by NADRA.

The Spokesperson informed that the registration level in Azad Jammu and Kashmir & KP has been observed as 99.9 per cent, followed by Punjab 99 per cent, Gilgit-Baltistan 89 per cent, Sindh & FATA as 88 per cent and Balochistan 76 per cent against the projected population.

“Our focus is now Sindh and Balochistan and we are moving ahead in FATA despite severe law and order situation” spokesperson said adding that the task would be achieved within this calendar year. On Chairman’s directives, Authority has embarked upon a crash drive to reach out to the citizens of Pakistan for CNICs on war footing. It is making all-out efforts to get the adult population in Pakistan especially the women registered in a minimum possible time to facilitate them in getting voting rights, education, health, employment and other facilities. Out of total 92 Million CNIC holders, female are 40 Million in number and 52 Million are male CNIC holders.

So far NADRA has registered over 86 per cent of women in the country which was quite significant in the enhancement of female voter list. Four years ago less than 50 per cent of women folk were registered. The total number of women included in the National Database is 39.77 million. Out of these, 5.29 million are in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 594,514 in Fata, 22 million in Punjab, 8.6 million in Sindh, 1.45 million in Balochistan, 356,151 in Islamabad capital territory, 270,132 in Giglit-Baltistan and 1.12 million in Azad Kashmir.

NADRA is making all out efforts to extend its Data Acquisition Units (DAUs) to the door steps of citizens and performing registration operations through numerous mobile units. NADRA has 452 National Registration Centers, 252 Mobile Registration Vans and 70 Semi Mobile Unites countrywide registration centers registering adults in far flung areas.

To encourage womenfolk, Friday has been reserved only for women at all NADRA centers throughout country,  11 women-only NADRA centers with female only staff have also been facilitating women in acquiring (CNICs). NADRA has increased its infrastructure by 83% by adding more static offices, Mobile Registration Vans and Semi Mobile Registration Units.

NADRA is also reaching out to NGOs to help facilitate women in obtaining the CNICs and achieve 100 per cent registration of womenfolk across the country.

She also highlighted the role of NGOs in raising public awareness and said a UN Women supporting NADRA by providing technical advice about gender equality and empowerment of women.

While Aurat Foundation is helping the authority in running public awareness programs especially in far flung areas to encourage women folks who did not register themselves earlier in national database.

In addition to extensive operational endeavours, Chairman NADRA, Tariq Malik has also written letter to all political parties where he emphasized their outreach and presence across the country provides an opportunity to NADRA to access pockets of population that remains unregistered.

NADRA agreed to extend its Data Acquisition Units (DAUs) to the door steps of citizens and is ready to perform registration operations through numerous mobile units. Chairman NADRA in his letter urged political parties to identify especially women folks who are still unregistered.