SARGODHA - On the disclosure of irregularities in the subsidised wheat provided by the Punjab government to various mills for Ramazan package, the Food Department has imposed heavy fines on 10 flourmills of Sargodha Division.  Moreover, a case has been registered against the owner of Mustafa Flour Mills Mianwali on the charges of smuggling 700 wheat sacs. District Food Controller Qazi Muhammad Ishaq fined Rs102,000 to Sargodha Food Flour Mills, Rs104,124 to Rehman Flour Mills, Rs40,000 to Sardar Flour Mills, Rs20,000 to Zam Zam Flour Mills, Rs7,000 to Shama Flour Mills and Awami Rs25,000 to Flour Mills Bhalwal.

Similarly, Mianwali DFC Ahsan Cheema imposed Rs200,000 fine on Pie Khel Flour Mills and Rs30,000 on Fine Flour Mills. The DFC Khushab fined Rs20,00 to Sufi Flour Mills.