RAWALPINDI  - Police launched search operation in Rawalpindi and Wah Cantt against terrorist and arrested 40 suspicious persons with the help of different Law enforcement agencies on Saturday.

After the terrorist attack at Kamra airbase, Rawalpindi police started search operation against criminals in the Jurisdiction of wah cant police station and arrested 40 suspected persons while 5 foreign nationals belonging from Afghanistan also included with them. According to Media reports police launched operation at Sehri time and collected documents from them. Some were also guest and those suspected who could not give prove of their identity was arrested by the police.

Meanwhile owing to severe threat of terrorism the direction would be given to police that they start search operation in different area of residential and trader including sensitive places. Police should go home to home for via search operation.

Meanwhile, police have arrested 13 outlaws, including seven proclaimed offenders for having fake currency, liquor and illegal arms, a police spokesman said on Saturday.

On a tip-off, Koral police station team raided a place in `Jhang Syedan’ and recovered 150 bottles of wine from Akbar Shehzad. Another team of this police station arrested two one-wheelers Ali and Abbass.

Ramana police nabbed Maqbool Hussain for having a 30-bore pistol while Shehzad Town police also arrested an accused Saeed with a 30-bore pistol. A Sabzi Mandi police team arrested an accused Mansha and recovered fake currency notes of Rs 200,000 from his possession.

Meanwhile, Bani Gala police on Saturday conducted search operation in its respective jurisdiction and nabbed 17 suspects, a spokesman said. The search operation was conducted at under construction buildings, sheds and houses, during which 17 suspects were nabbed.

, who could not produce any document for their identification. The Bani Gala police team conducted search operation in Jagyot, Kurri, Savera and adjacent areas and checked 55 houses, 300 persons and 15 sheds.