LAHORE – The cleaniness programme on Eidul Fitr may prove to be a hard task for the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) because it could focus only on selected areas and major roads with the available resources, sources informed TheNation.

The LWMC would use 100 new and 400 old machines, including trucks, sweeping machines and containers, specifically for public places and recreational areas such as parks, zoo and food outlets, the sources said.

Most of the old machines were out of order, said the sources, adding that the company needs more vehicles for the purpose; otherwise, the target to make the City neat and clean could not be achieved. “The LWMC will have to work day and night on Eid for removing and dumping the City’s waste.”

On the other hand, the LWMC administration claimed that it was ready to render their services efficiently to maintain the cleanliness on Eid and for the same purpose, the Eid holidays of all 10,000 employees and executive staff had been called off.

Calling City’s cleanliness more important than Eid celebration, LWMC Managing Director Wasim Ajmal Chaudhry said that a planned, swift and consistent attention by firm was inevitable to keep metropolitan waste-free and to maintain its cleanliness and beauty.

A spokesperson for the LWMC said the managing director directed the 10,000 workers, including senior officials to ensure their presence on Eid days to materialise the vision of clean Lahore envisaged by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. The objective is to provide the Lahorites an uninterrupted, uncompromised and improved service of waste management during Eid days.

Moreover, a special washing and cleaning plan had been prepared for all big and small mosques of the City. These mosques were given special cleaning arrangements for their surroundings by the LWMC on Chand Raat and staff would remain deployed there till Eid prayer is offered.

The approach roads to major mosques would also be washed and would be given neat look with limestone. Moreover, the surroundings of graveyards and approach roads were cleared of any kind of waste before Eid and practice would continue during three days of Eid specially, the spokesperson added.

As per the plan, the LWMC workforce will render their duties in respective zones in 3 parallel shifts during three days of Eid. A series of cleaning and washing activities, including manual and mechanical washing, sprinkling of limestone will start before Eid day and will continue until the last day and senior officials of LWMC will monitor the operations. Complaints on helpline 1139 about waste will be addressed round the clock. Turkish contractors Albayrak and Ozpak will also follow the LWMC’s work plan on Eid.

To raise community awareness, the communication team along with social mobilizers and university volunteers will set up camps on various public spots. The objective of this communication/awareness campaign is to make citizens realise their role and importance to achieve the target of making Lahore a waste free zone.

The LWMC chief announced a 13th salary for employees by the end of current year as a bonus and appreciation for the team. He also warned the staff against any negligence and mishandling of work assigned during Eid days and had directed all operational staff to comply with the standard operating procedures of attendance already executed in the company.