KARACHI - Majority of the government employees has left the provincial capital to celebrate Eidul Fitr with their families in their home towns/villages in Sindh.

However, during the visit of the Sindh Secretariat, which hosts over 0.2 million government employees of the provincial departments, majority of employees left the city almost two days before the Eid.

During visit of the Sindh secretariat on last working day on Friday, the offices were giving a deserted look as government employees left for their home towns/villages.

The Sindh government had declared Eid holidays from August 20 to 22, however, the government employees started their holidays on their own from August 16 and 17.

A government employee from lower staff on condition of anonymity told TheNation that almost 80 per cent employees left the offices much before the official Eid holidays as it has been practice to come office only to show attendance.

He opined that during Ramazan, the officers and lower staff come and spend time only to show their attendance, so that they can get salary on time.

It may be noted that Eidul Fitr and Eidul Azha are two religious festivals when a large number of government employees leave the city to celebrate the Eids with their families in their hometowns.

Majority of the people who left the Karachi are government employees, daily wagers, vendors, labourers, workers in hotels, restaurants, and other professions. The major reason to leave the city early for their home towns is hike in the fares of public transport as well as rush on Eid days, so the people prefer to leave the city two or three days before the Eid.