ISLAMABAD - Shopping activities for Eid during the month of Ramazan have totally exposed the monetary situation of the masses and also the country as much decreased sale has been reported by market sources.

It has been learnt that shopkeepers faced a major cut in Eid sale as compared to their expectations that portray the real picture of the economy and success of the government policies during its whole tenure. It was learnt that the trend of buying new cloths for every family member was not witnessed during this Eid shopping activities and at the most people bought few things for the children while sacrificing their own desires.

When this scribe talked to some customers they said that they found themselves unable to buy new cloths for their children and buying new cloths for them was out of question as there was no increase in income but the cost had increased manifold.

The government, claiming to be the people’s regime, has adopted such policies that have made miserable the lives of masses across the country. It is pertinent to mention here that the price of every item increase almost every month from 4 years but the source of income of the people is stuck on the same level. Especially the workers in private sector are facing more difficulties to meet both ends as the government to some extent increased the salaries of its employees but it could not force the private sector to do the same.

The major reason learnt was that the business activities overall are decreasing in the country  due to the bad govt policies.

 and law and order situation in the country.