International Youth Day is observing every year on August 12 since 1999. The United Nations defined an occasion for highlighting awareness on the necessities of young people ranging from the ages 10 to 24 years. The aim of International Youth Day is to enhance realisation, particularly among the youth. The World Programme of Action for Youth started before 2000, and it focuses on 10 main fields. Those are starvation, poverty, education, employment, health, drug exploitation, childhood felony, recreation events, children and young women, and environment. The International Youth Day suggests that regional, nationwide and international organisations implement the programme. The United Nations marked out the age groups between 15 to 24 years, and that is one-sixth of the global populace. The youth development would be good for their respective countries. Many activities and events that take place around the world on the International Youth Day promote the benefits that young people bring into the world. Many countries participate in this global occasion, which may include youth conferences on issues such as education and employment. Other activities include concerts promoting the world’s youth, as well as various sporting events, parades and mobile exhibitions that showcase young people’s achievements. As in the other parts of the world, the United Nation’s International Youth Day must be observed in Pakistan to recognise the contributions of youth to a global society. Concerts, speech and quiz competitions, sports, parades, exhibitions, youth conferences on education and employment be held throughout Pakistan so that the youth may participate understanding that they are an independent entity and do not belong to any social, political and religious sect or group whatsoever.


Karachi, August 18.