Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that mobile service in some parts of the country would be suspended during Eid first day in view of terrorism threat in the country. Talking to media on Sunday after presiding over a high level meeting on Sunday, Malik said that the terrorist could target few areas of Punjab province, adding that there were threats of terror attack in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. “We should be ready to undermine any untoward incident.” The minister further said that the cellular service would be suspended in a surprise manner in the sensitive parts of the country, however, no time frame could not be given. “My team is working round the clock for last 24 hours,” he added. He apologised to public in advance in case mobile phone services had to be blocked in certain areas in case of emergency. No negligence would be tolerated by the law enforcement and security agencies, he said. He said that India’s Interior Minister had telephoned him to discuss regional situation including Assam rumours which forced thousands to flee Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. “The Indian minister has said that the rumours were generated from Pakistan,” he said. He said that he had asked the Indian minister to provide evidences in that regard.