SAMBRIAL - The last days of Ramazan prices of all the things have shot up by 50 percent to 80pc and traders are overcharging the consumers by increasing the prices of commodities especially edibles.

The prices of fruit, vegetables, oil, pulses, milk, and other edibles are skyrocketing here. They are violating the price list issued by the TMA and the consumers fearlessly. All kinds of vegetables, especially garlic, ginger, potato, onion and tomatoes besides dates, apples, mangoes, grapes, banana, peach and plum were being sold at high rates, as the TMA and the district administration are paying no attention to control the prices at the bazaars ahead of Eidul Fitr.

The prices of ginger and garlic have soared up from last week’s. The prices of other vegetables including ladyfinger, cucumber, lemon and cabbage have also recorded Rs 5 to Rs 10 per kg increase. Dates were available at Rs170 per kg, apple at Rs100 per kg, banana at Rs300 dozen and grapes at Rs130 per kg with a Rs5 to 7 per kg increase as compared to last week.

Naved, a consumers’ rights activist, said every year before Eid, prices of daily use items suddenly go up and a decrease is witnessed only after government’s intervention. Muhammad Fiaz, a whole sale dealer of garlic and ginger, said increase in rates was natural as prices fluctuate according to demand and supply principle.

He said the prices increase as their demand increases before the start of Ramadan. He said the prices of edibles items would increase further.