LAHORE – The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) Communication Department on Saturday distributed Eid gifts among students, as well as their mothers, of a girls’ school in the Ghang Sharif village near Kahna on Ferozpur Road.

The school had partnered with the PEF under its New School Programme (NSP). On this occasion, besides PEF Deputy Director (NSP) Hassan Javed and his team, teachers and notables of the area were also present.

Addressing the ceremony, PEF Deputy Director (Communication) Aruj Salman maintained that the foundation was earnestly working to encourage the impecunious strata to send their children to partner schools for enjoying free education.

“These Eid gifts are a small gesture to give the message of love and affection to the students that the PEF is equally sharing the joys and happiness of its student community and their families,” she said,

Speaking on the occasion, PEF Deputy Director (NSP) Hassan Javed said more than 55,000 students were getting free education under the NSP in all the 36 districts of Punjab through 419 partner schools. He further said the PEF was spending an amount of Rs15 million per month on paying the fee of NSP students. Free books were also provided under the programme, he added. The mothers of students also spoke on the occasion and thanked the PEF for adding to their Eid joys.