LAHORE – Amid threats of possible terror attacks during Eid holidays, the police have been put on-high alert in the City with massive deployment of force, stepped up armed patrolling, and special pickets to maintain law and order.

Police sources said on Saturday that more than 6,000 cops would remain on-guard to ensure foolproof security around Eid congregations, shopping malls, government installations, railway stations, airports and public places across the provincial metropolis. Hundreds of plainclothesmen would also be deployed at sensitive locations and crowded points to keep a vigilant eye on the activities of the miscreants.

A day earlier, the Interior Ministry warned that the terrorists may strike on Eid days to create unrest among the people; therefore, “strong countermeasures are required.”

It will not be out of context to mention here that the terrorists attempted to launch an assault at the Kamra Airbase, the country’s leading air and defense installation, a couple of days ago. The military commandoes killed all the nine terrorists while two security personnel died during the fierce battle.

“We have intelligence reports regarding possible terror assaults during Eid holidays, but the threats are general not specific. The police have been directed to remain on their toes to thwart any possible terror attempt,” a senior official in the Punjab government said.

A police source said apart from 3,100 traffic wardens, more than 6,000 policemen would be deployed all over the City as per the revised security plan. He further said the top police officers held a high-level meeting on Saturday and discussed in detail the security plan chalked out to maintain peace and law and order during Eid holidays. The traffic police have also been directed to ensure smooth flow of traffic on City roads during Eid holidays.

Additional police force has also been deployed at the entry and exit points of the Punjab capital, with strict snap-checking and physical search of motorists. The police are also asked to ensure installation of walk-through gates at the entry points of Eid congregations, while the policemen would also be provided scanners and metal detectors to ensure security of the citizens.