This is apropos of Wapda Chairman Shakeel Durrani’s statement (July 21) that power outages could not be overcome till 2018. He also put the blame on some snags as being real the cause of power outages.

In my opinion, much has been said and planned, and now is the time to execute things, but this requires support of both the federal and provincial governments.

Short-term projects must be prioritised. I suggest that all available renewable means such as solar, wind, biogas and bio-fuel must be tapped on a war footing. Provision of energy-saver bulbs at cheap rates must also be ensured.

I appeal to owners of sugar and rice factories to produce their own energy by using their industrial waste in the form of waste of sugarcane and rice husk. I would like to point out to the load management cell that there is a shortfall is 4,500 MW but the demand is for 18,000 MW. The duration of loadshedding in urban areas is 12 hours, while it is 18 hours in rural areas. Can it be possible to reduce loadshedding in the same proportion on the basis of actual shortfall?

I request the federal minister for water and power to exert pressure to expedite the ongoing project as the survival of industry rests on the availability of electricity. The memorandums of understanding with Chinese firms must be finalised so that power plants running on oil can be converted on coal, which is abundantly available in Thar.

A campaign for the recovery of outstanding bills to the tune of Rs400 billion required to be paid to oil companies should be accorded priority so that Gencos can further enhance production of electricity.


Wah Cant, August 18.