Gilgit Baltistan’s Legislative assembly has passed a resolution against Indian Prime Minister Modi’s statement regarding the people of Gilgit, reported Waqt News.

This has been done in response to Modi’s statement in which he mentioned that the people of Gilgit, Pakistan occupied Kashmir, and Blochistan had “thanked” him and sent the people of India messages of gratitude.

On 15th of August, which marked India's 70th independence from British rule, Prime Minister Modi gave a speech which included certain provocative comments about Pakistan, "The people of Balochistan, the people of Gilgit, the people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir have thanked me in such a manner, from places that I have never been and never had a chance to meet, they have sent wishes to the people of India and thanked us”.

The speech caused quite a stir in Pakistan particularly in Balochistan where some praised and some held rallies in response to Modi's speech.

The resolution termed Narendra Modi’s statements to be madness and an attempt to divert attention from the atrocities taking place in Kashmir. Every child in Gilgit Baltistan is ready to fight for the defense and security of Pakistan, the resolution added.

Protests erupted in different cities of Gilgit Baltistan today against Narendra Modi’s statement. Students as well as the general public expressed their anger and raised slogans against the Indian prime minister.

Participants stressed that they were and will remain Pakistani's and that they were proud of their nationality. The participants added that Narendra Modi should be ashamed of speaking about Gilgit Baltistan when he is responsible for the atrocities in Kashmir.

The Deputy Speaker, Jafferullah Khan and Iqbal Hassan a member of the legislative assembly were also present in the protest.