Action plan ready if India doesn’t change behaviour: FM

If Modi wants to gauge popularity of his act he may lift curfew. Majority of Kashmiris will be on roads the very next moment

Multan - Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi warned India on Sunday that if it did not change her aggressive behaviour Pakistan had its own action plan.

Talking to journalists here, he added that report of foreign ministry’s meeting regarding Pakistan’s line of action would be presented before prime minister soon. He said that illegal act of Modi government buried India of Nehru and Gandhi, adding that philosophy of Hindutwa had overcome India. The foreign minister said that Pakistan reacted against highly irresponsible statement of Indian foreign minister with utmost responsibility. He said imposition of 13-day curfew in Kashmir by Indian occupation forces was a serious violation of human rights.

“Ban on Eid prayers and sacrifice ritual have unveiled fascist face of India. This act of Indian government has plunged all minorities including Muslims into deep sense of insecurity,” he added.

Qureshi said that voices had started rising against Modi from inside India. “The voices for separation from India have also started coming out,” he added. The minister said that there were three stakeholders on Kashmir issue. “There is a state of confrontation between Pakistan and India while the third stakeholder—Kashmiris—have been detained. Now what kind of environment is there to hold talks?” he raised a question. He said that India put Kashmiri leadership under arrest and shifted war to third generation of Kashmiris. He maintained that all Kashmiris from kids to youth and elderly people declared Indian act illegal. “If Modi wants to gauge popularity of his act he may lift curfew. Majority of Kashmiris will be on roads the very next moment. Hold a public referendum and see the result,” he demanded. He asked Modi to stop violating human rights.

Qureshi says Delhi’s nuclear threat reflective of defeat. Our position based on UN principles

The foreign minister said that Pakistan raised Kashmir issue at international level on August 14 and marked August 15 as black day to express solidarity with Kashmiris. He said that black day was marked across the world including Europe, America, New Zealand and other places during which Kashmiris and followers of all faiths condemned violation of human rights by India.

To a query, he said that Muslim Ummah endorsed Pakistan’s viewpoint on Kashmir and the OIC asked India to immediately lift curfew from Jammu and Kashmir. He added that the UN Security Council meeting was also convened on Pakistan’s request and Kashmir issue came under discussion in the Security Council after a long time.

“It is for the first time that Kashmir is so clearly discussed in Security Council. Otherwise only nuclear tests have been discussed,” he added. He claimed that not only Kashmir issue was discussed at the Security Council meeting on Pakistan’s request but also occupied Kashmir was recognised as disputed area and India’s illegal act was rejected.

The foreign minister went on to claim that the way Pakistan highlighted Kashmir issue on international level was a big diplomatic success. He said India claimed that curfew was enforced for the welfare of Kashmiris. “I challenge Indians to lift curfew and then see the result. Kashmiri leadership will come out and present its stance openly,” he added.

He said India was continuously violating ceasefire on Line of Control by opening fire on Pakistan. He added that Pakistan never refused to talk to India. “But keeping in view the prevailing situation in Kashmir should we talk to an executioner?” he posed a question.

To a question on terrorism incidents in Balochistan and Upper Dir, Qureshi said he had clearly said on August 13 that India could stage another Pulwama-like drama to divert attention from her illegal act. He said government had completed its first year and he had submitted one year performance report of his office to the prime minister. He claimed that prime minister was satisfied on Foreign Office’s performance. To another question, he said that the 34-country alliance had its own mandate and he could not talk on it at this moment. About opposition’s August 20 APC, he said he hoped that the opposition would not do politics on Kashmir and give a clear message to India that Pakistan stood united on Kashmir and that the Kashmiris were not alone. Qureshi said PTI government had made Kartarpur corridor promise and it would keep it.

Staff reporter adds from Islamabad: Pakistan yesterday told India that its veiled nuclear threat was only reflective of its defeat at the global level on Kashmir issue. Responding to Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s threatening statement, Foreign Minister Qureshi said: “We have seen comments made by \ Indian defence minister. These are reflective of the predicament that India finds itself in, after its illegal and unilateral actions imperiling peace and security in the region and beyond.”

In a written reply to the Indian minister’s outburst, Qureshi said: “Equally condemnable is completely indefensible lockdown of the entire population in occupied Kashmir that has gone on for two weeks, and continues to deepen the dire humanitarian tragedy as reported by the international human rights organisations and the international media. The world community, including the United Nations Security Council, have taken cognizance of this utterly untenable situation.”



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