The newly sworn-in PM from PMLN held the slot of the CM Punjab twice and was believed to be a doer. He kept trumpeting that the PTI team was incompetent and only his experienced and ready-to-rock team could steer the country out of the economic mess. He vowed to control inflation, put the economy on track, and rid the country of the clutches of the IMF.

However, it appears that the tall claims of Shahbaz Sharif and his experienced team were all rhetoric. The country has gone worse in every aspect over the past three months and the federal government, which now is limited to a few kilometres of the Capital territory appears completely incapable and powerless in controlling the situation. Inflation has engulfed the entire country with the dollar now touching 250.

The country’s forex reserves are at a dangerously low level and prices of essentials are touching the sky. It appears the reality has finally dawned upon the worthy PM, who while addressing the National Assembly the other day said that he did not have a magic wand to control inflation in three months. Maybe he has forgotten the magic potion or lost the magic wand he had while in opposition when he used to claim that he would fix everything right away. He quoted Churchill in the National Assembly, who said that if courts were functioning, the country won’t fail.

The PM tried to indirectly imply that cause of our miseries may be that our courts are not working properly. It is ironic that instead of introspection and owning up to their shortcomings the PDM is trying to fix the blame on everyone but themselves. Maybe our politicians, especially the PM and his team did not hear Churchill’s other saying that those who dig their past, mar their future. They must understand that pointing fingers and trying to divert attention from the dying economy will not get them anywhere. The only bleak chance of recovery we have is through unity and hard work. Our politicians must bury the hatchet and sit together to devise plans to steer the country away from disaster.

Borrowing from IMF and other lenders to retire old debts and run the government is not s sustainable plan which will eventually push the country into bankruptcy and an economic abyss. I hope and pray the worthy PM and his allied parties understand this and start working to fix the problems as it is already a bit too late.