An audit report of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s mega project BRT Peshawar has revealed irregularities worth billions of rupees.

According to the audit report, over 47 billion rupees were spent without approval from the law department, while RS9.23 million was paid against the consultant in the form of mobilization advance, similarly Rs21.13 million was paid against the contractor.

It was further stated that an employee of PDA was illegally hired as a resettlement consultant who continued to receive a salary from both BRT and PDA.

"A suspicious amount of Rs3.6 million was made for petrol despite the suspension of work on BRT," said the report, adding that the BRT management paid Rs310 million as dues to the contractor and there is no record of it.

It added that the contractor was paid Rs50 million against rules without completing the construction work.

According to the report, Rs7.3 million received as taxes have not been deposited in the national treasury. It added that a "controversial board" was paid Rs6 million related to the BRT project.

It added that about 122 trees were cut down near Dabgari Garden for the project. The trees worth Rs2.4 million were sold for Rs420,000.

In this regard, Director General Peshawar Development Authority Fayyaz Ali Shah was contacted and he said that the audit report is based on preliminary observations, while all the audit objections will be answered satisfactorily on the relevant forum.