LAHORE   -   Cnergyico Pk Limited (formerly Byco Petroleum), Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated oil refining company, celebrated the country’s Independence Day with patriotic fervor. To mark the auspicious occasion, Cnergyico ran a nationwide marketing campaign to spread a message of optimism & positivity among Pakistanis, many of which are facing various challenges on the social and economic fronts.

Commenting on the occasion, Azfar Saeed Baig, Cnergyico’s Vice President for Information, said, “Independence Day is not only a time of celebration but also of reflection. Pakistan’s founding fathers inspired a democratic struggle for freedom in which millions of people participated, and numerous heroes made tremendous sacrifices, eventually winning us freedom. Now, it is our responsibility to serve this nation with integrity and support each other during times of need. At Cnergyico, we firmly believe that together we can make a difference.” Through its campaign, called Azm-e-Pakistan, Cnergyico motivated people to do small acts of kindness every day, no matter how insignificant they might seem.

Even a word of support or a thoughtful gesture can have a lasting impact. To raise awareness on this topic, the company effectively utilized relevant touch points like print, electronic, and social media as well as radio channels. Under this campaign, an exclusive song was developed for Independence Day, which received immense popularity on social media, to further highlight its message.