ISLAMABAD    -   Dispute over ‘change of seniority list’ between Grade-19 officers of the Pakistan Customs Service is likely to be intensified further as both groups are approaching different forums to get a favourable decision.

However, the senior officers of the Establishment Division believe that the matter would ultimately go into the court for a final decision.

Earlier, CSB has deferred promotions of the Grade-19 officers of Pakistan Customs into Grade-20 after getting objections over a sudden change in the seniority list and left ten seats vacant for the promotion in future.

The cases of all officers belonging to the 28th Common Training Programme were deferred on the pursuance of those, who were aggrieved over the sudden change in the seniority list at the eleventh hour.

But, now the officers, who became eligible for promotion according to the new seniority list but their cases were not considered by CSB, have approached the Prime Minister to intervene in the matter.

According to a representation filed by several officers, the CSB by deferring their cases has committed violation of the promotion rules and the laws.

The representation stated that CSB has overstepped its authority by not entertaining the seniority list prepared by the FBR, the cadre administrator, on the directions of the Federal Services Tribunal in the light of the judgements of the Supreme Court.

It added that seniority list was duly notified and communicated to the CSB for consideration of the cases of the PCS officers of 28 CTP promotions to BPS 20.  It said that the act of CSB is arbitrary, unfair, unjust and illegal and if it is not rectified at this stage, it will cause irreparable loss and damage to other PCS officers.

The representation requested from the Prime Minister to intervene in the matter and direct the CSB in the best interest of justice and fair play to consider the promotion cases of PCS officers of 28th CTP.

The background discussions with the relevant quarters revealed that the matter is likely to be intensified and it will go to the court of law for the settlement as both parties are at two different extremes. It is pertinent to mention here that earlier the CSB was given old seniority list by the FBR for consideration of promotion cases but later on when the forum was in session, all of sudden a new revised seniority list was presented before the board, which raised eyebrows and resultantly the cases were deferred.