HYDERABAD    -    In view of the situation after the monsoon rains, Medical Superintendent of Liaquat University Hospital Dr Abdul Hafeez Abro has canceled the leaves of all doctors, nurses and paramedics while emergency was declared in both the hospitals.  Presiding a meeting here in his office, Dr Abro asked the hospital staff to remain on high alert and ensure that all medical facilities be provided to the patients. He directed that the patients brought to the emergency due to the rains must be given immediate attention and better treatment facilities. The MS said that the situation was bad due to heavy rains in other districts including Hyderabad and the local administration had already imposed rain emergency. In this regard, emergency was also imposed in Civil Hospital to deal with any emergency situation, he said. Dr Abdul Hafeez also directed the senior doctors to keep a close eye on the situation in the wards and various sections including emergency wards. AMS General Dr Shahid Islam Junejo, ICU Director Dr Kashif Memon, AMS General Dr Shaukat Ali Lakho and other doctors also participated in the meeting.