KARACHI - Export of services in telecommunication, computer and information sectors from Pakistan crossed $2.61 billion during fiscal year 2021-22, depicting 24 percent year on year growth.

According to data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), yearly export of telecommunication, computer and information services increased 15.30, 26.40 and 31 percent respectively as compared to FY 2020-21. Export of services in field of computer for the first time crossed $ 2 billion mark in FY2021-22 as Pakistan earned $2,106.14 million that is 26.40% higher than $1,666.31 million export of preceding year, the data showed.

The volume of export of software consultancy services rose to $795.48 million with 43.43% increase over $554.612 million while export and import of computer software fetched $ 563.07 million for the country in FY21-22 depicting 34.87% increase as compared to $ 417.485 million of FY20-21.

Yearly export of telecom, computer and information services increased 15.30, 26.40 and 31pc respectively

Besides, a significant rise of 429.58 % was observed in hardware consultancy services which reached at $ 2.918 million from previous year’s nominal export of $551 thousand while services relating to maintenance and repairs of computer brought $1.45 million in the country that was 118.43% higher than previous year, the PBS data showed.

A 7.25% increase was also recorded in export of other computer services during the period under review and its volume reached $743.23 million from $ 693 million. Export of services in telecommunication sub sector in FY 21-22 with 15.31% growth amounted to $ 504.44 million while its export volume in the previous year was recorded $ 437.5 million. Export of services by call centres rose to $215.50 million while other telecommunication services to $ 288.94 million depicting 39.43 % and 2.12% growth respectively.

The PBS data for FY 2-21-22 further indicated 31 percent growth in export of information services as its volume went up to $5.23 million from $3.99 million in FY20-21. Among them news agency services amounted to $3.448 million while other information services brought $1.78 million to country showing increase of 49.65% and 5.69% respectively.