QUETTA - Islamic Relief Pakistan has so far reached more than 800 families with food packs, kitchen sets, family tents, hygiene kits and cash grant of Rs 20,000 per household in flash flood affected district of Quetta, PanjPai and Noshki.  Country Director Islamic Relief Pakistan, Asif Sherazi,  who is monitoring relief activities in Noshki, Balochistan, said, “The areas have not seen such rains for decades, resulting in damages that require urgent attention. Even the partially damaged houses are not livable forcing people to spend days and nights in open under extremely hot weather conditions.”

Emphasizing on partnerships during emergency response, he said in a statement, “Keeping in mind the scale of damages and losses, we need to work in close collaboration to create long-term impact. As we are in the early recovery phase, there is a dire need to focus more on disaster preparedness at national and provincial levels to minimize the risks in the years to come.” Balochistan has been the worst affected by the intermittent downpour where flash floods swept away crops and damaged infrastructure including houses, roads and bridges.

According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) more than 35,000 families have been affected by the floods with most of them losing their belongings, livestock and houses.