QUETTA - Acting Governor of Balochistan Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali on Thursday said the assistance provided by Turkiye to the flood victims in Balochistan spoke volumes about its deep friendship with Pakistan.  He, in a message, said the recent disastrous monsoon rains caused massive human and material losses in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan. Mir Jan, who is also the Honorary Consul General for Turkiye, said Turkiye was one of the few countries who sent aid to the flood victims in their hour of need.  He said: “Remembering our Pakistani brothers and sisters during these hard times is a gesture that a true brother-like-friend can make alone. People and government of Balochistan would always be indebted to this brotherly country whose people are bonded in deep historical relations and affection with us.”

He said that undoubtedly, Turkiye made amazing progress in a very short period of time and reached the heights of development in various fields. “In this way, Turkey made it clear to the world that it is a courageous, modern and strong nation which is a role model for all Muslim nations.”