LAHORE - Different own-motion notices taken by Ombudsman Punjab Maj (retd) Azam Suleman Khan on the news items and reports aired on media platforms spotlighting public problems in various parts of the province due to the apathy of the public sector departments have resulted in promptly resolving such difficulties. In a statement issued on Thursday, the spokesman pointed out that the problems of the people were solved timely and free of charge which had made their lives easier. The own-motion notices of the provincial ombudsman have resulted in the cleaning of the sewerage line of Gurumangat road in the Gulberg area while roadside fountains at Garhi Shahu have been made functional after necessary repairs, the spokesman added. Similarly, the problem of roadside garbage before a local girls school has been permanently resolved in Narowal and girl students, their parents and teachers have thanked the ombudsman office for providing a clean environment for them.

The spokesman noted that the intervention of the ombudsman’s office had resulted in the resolution of the sewerage problem in the Depalpur tehsil which had also resulted in the resolving problem of drinking water for the locals. In another development, the ombudsman’s office negotiated to ensure that the sewerage system was cleaned and garbage was removed in Mirza Virkan, a suburban village in the Sheikhupura district. The entrance road of the vegetable market in Kamalia tehsil has also been cleaned after the involvement of the ombudsman’s office, the spokesman mentioned. Besides, ensuring the removal of solid waste in Gulberg Colony and Pirwala Road in Kasur, the ombudsman’s office further strived to ensure a clean environment by resolving the sewerage problems in Jhelum, Jhang, Bahawalpur and Daska tehsil, the spokesman added.