A host of beginners make silly and foolish mistakes. As a result, the checker gets cross /mad over them and awards possibly minimum marks.

They misuse, intentionally or unintentionally, tenses. Even though they think of past stories, they use the present tense. Additionally, they make basic errors in the use of verb forms. Particularly, they forget the structure of tenses during writing time. The fledgling writers use to be tense in the place of possessive tense. It is unacceptable to checkers. Similarly, they replace both tenses with each other. It is a costly wrong approach.

Spelling mistakes have frequently been noticed in their write-ups. Besides, they perform wrong use of words. They don’t understand words properly. Consequently, they make mistakes in their use. Lastly, the main and usual mistake, they commit is faulty use of parts of speech. They use a noun in the place of a verb. It perverts the meaning to a bad extent. Apart from this, It doesn’t make sense or meaning. This mistake appears because the unfortunate don’t understand parts of speech properly.

According to my own experience, these, above-cited mistakes are often made mistakes of novice writers. They should bridge these gaps. These factors are highly useful for writing improvement.