A question that seemed far fletched is now painted all over the country in deep red. This phenomenon has not emerged suddenly on our horizon it has been brewing over many decades.

It is, however, perplexing to note Pakistan was progressing upwards, a bit slowly but surely till 10th April. Then suddenly the current government manoeuvred into the driving seat and since then we have been continuously going downhill into a ravine of default. It was all due to “the way we lived till now”. The insensitiveness of our politicians has let it happen mainly due to the blatant prevalence of individuals’ vested interest over the national interest. We have conveniently chosen to live beyond our means.

Our rulers governed like Moghul Kings and our establishment and bureaucracy lived the imperial legacy to its fullest. Now that we are almost going to hit the bottom maybe that would be the time for rude awakening. For a common person, it could be a blessing in disguise as after default the entire country’s governance framework would be forced to undergo a major overhaul replacing the centuries-old deeply entrenched plutocratic and rent-seeking set-up. It could be a time to rise from the dust.