Call for preserving Ravi’s ecosystem

LAHORE  -  The Ravi River is an important life­line of the Lahore region and pre­serving its ecosystem and managing its water should be a key priority for the government given that failure to do either could impact the lives of millions of people, participants in a field visit organised by the World­wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Co­ca-Cola Pakistan were told on Friday.

The Ravi River, a lifeline for the region, has been facing multiple challenges due to increasing urban­ization, industrialization, and ag­ricultural activities. The joint field visit aimed to assess the current state of the river, identify key stress­ors, and lay the groundwork for col­laborative solutions. 

The team embarked on an insight­ful journey along the riverbanks, closely observing its flow, water quality, and the surrounding ecosys­tem. Interactive sessions were held to exchange knowledge and experi­ences, highlighting the significance of collective efforts in preserving water resources.

The field visit concluded with a commitment to further collabora­tive projects that address the is­sues identified during the visit. Participants included water man­agement experts, environmental­ists, researchers on water issues, and media.

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