Caretaker minister stresses unity for religious harmony, urges vigilance against discord

ISLAMABAD  -  Caretaker Minister for Reli­gious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Aneeq Ahmed on Friday said the principles of Islam advocated no tol­erance for tragic incidents such as the Jaranwala trag­edy. Addressing the media, he emphasized that Islam was inherently a religion of peace, and the root causes of such unfortunate events of­ten stemmed from a discon­nect with religious teach­ings and a lack of education. Speaking passionately about the need for collective action, he urged all segments of so­ciety to join forces in eradi­cating ignorance, religious animosity, and extremism. “Only through a united effort can we eliminate the factors that lead to such incidents,” he added. The Jaranwala in­cident, which recently cast a shadow on Pakistan’s global image, prompted Minister Aneeq Ahmed to emphasize the role of the state in safe­guarding minority commu­nities. “It is the solemn duty of the state to protect and nurture the well-being of all its citizens,” he asserted, while also urging the pub­lic to remain vigilant and expose elements that seek to sow discord within their own communities.

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