Power supply to Safari Park, college stopped

KARACHI - The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has disconnected the electric supply to RLAK College of Home Economics due to non-payment of electric bills worth Rs5.4 million, KMC slaughter house due to non-payment of electric bill at Rs3,59,3649 and fire brigade station situated at Lawrence Road due to non-payment of worth Rs1,33,895. KESC also disconnected the electric supply of Safari Park due to non-payment of Rs5.7 million. Speaking at the KCCI panel briefing recently, the CEO of KESC, Tabish Gauhar, had pledged that though there were many consumers who had not paid their electricity bills, their electricity was not being cut off because it might create a law and order situation in the City. But Safari Park incident is second in the row after the power cut to the fire brigade station and its residential colony due to non-payment of Rs3.8 million. It is pertinent to mention here that the fire brigade station has illegally been using its supply for residential colony, and has not paid Rs3.8 million of outstanding bills. KESC had served several notices but no response came. Finally the supply was disconnected on December 12. But it was reconnected illegally the same night. Meanwhile the KESC Engineers and Officers Association (KEOA) has said that the public utility office of KESC be returned back to the former employees who are associated with the association. It said in a press statement that Al-Abraj has instead of investing in the private firm, has only succeeded in creating problems for the company. It urged the private firm to once again re-hire the sacked 150 employees. Until and unless the demands were not met, the employees association was on strike.