NEW DELHI - Three officials of the Indian high commission in Islamabad have been recalled to New Delhi following alleged attempts to honeytrap them by a Pakistani intelligence agency.

They are now being investigated by the Indian authorities about the entire episode, reports The Hindustan Times.

According to sources, the three junior-level officials, who were working in the language department of the high commission, returned recently to the headquarters of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in New Delhi after they apprised senior officers in the mission about the alleged attempt.

They said a decision on their return to Islamabad will be taken after the due process of investigation into the episode was over.

Currently, the three officials are being questioned by concerned authorities to know about further details of the alleged plot by the Pakistani agency.

There have been alleged attempts in the past by the Pakistani agency to honeytrap officials of the Indian high commission to extract sensitive information.

The alleged attempt to lure the three officials came to light at a time when there has been a chill in the bilateral relationship between the two countries over a host of issues, including cross-border terrorism. When contacted, the MEA did not comment on the incident.