LAHORE: Sajal Aly is known for taking up challenging roles in Pakistani drama serials and showcasing her acting skills in Bollywood film MOM. From flirty fringes to metallic ruffles, the talented actor has captivated the cinemagoers with her brilliant acting skills.  In conversation with The Nation, the actor opens up about her upcoming period TV play Aangan. Following are the excerpts:

How is Aangan different from the projects you have done in the past?

Firstly, it’s a period play and I haven’t done a period play so far. So, this is my first one and I always wanted to do one. The other best thing about this play is my character ‘Chammi’. It’s a very different character and I can’t explain in words how variant it is so you all have to watch and find out.

You've always delivered strong and critically acclaimed performances; does it make you nervous before starting any new project to constantly be expected to do better?

It is always scary to start something new specially when people are waiting for it and the audience has a high expectation attached to it. I feel it’s a huge responsibility on my shoulders to live up to their expectations and do something nice and exciting every time. I am lucky that I have always received appreciation from the senior actors in the industry and my fans of course and it drives me to do better every time.

What has been your favourite role from last year and why?

Honestly speaking, all my projects last year were my favourites. Firstly, playing ‘Sassi’ in Rangreza was a win for me. Such brave, bold, rebellious and independent women do exist in our society but as a typical thing we call such women ‘bad’ or ‘fallen’ only because we are afraid to face them but I loved playing such a powerful character.

Aangan has become quite popular even before it has been aired. What makes it so interesting? What made you sign this project?

What makes it interesting is that it focuses on the partition of a family. The drama lets you experience what affect the partition had on family, love, and ideologies at the time. The real ‘drama’ is seeing the physical and emotional divide of a country.

You and Ahad Raza Mir are the most coveted couple on screen right now. What makes your on screen chemistry so enticing to the audience? According to you what makes Ahad so popular?

One thing I've noticed about him is the maturity of his acting. It's very difficult to transform yourself and what Ahad did in Yaqeen Ka Safar was very rich and full of life. He really is an actor and is more focused on his work and giving audience a good performance than his social media status. It's actually pretty cool! But what I think people really like about our chemistry is its simplicity. 

How has it been working with such a star studded cast? Who have you had the best time with onset?

For me it has never been about a STAR studded cast although it's always great to work with a good team but the story is what draws me towards a project.

Do you think we'll see you on the big screen again? Will you be looking into Bollywood projects? Is there anything in the pipeline?

I will pick any great project that comes my way, be it small screen or big screen. But I’ll make sure that I continue to represent PAKISTAN through my work.

There has been a lot of noise regarding Pakistani talent crossing over the border? Do you think these cross border collaborations are healthy and do you think we should see more of it?

It is fantastic that I got to work in Bollywood and would be glad do it again, but I am also very much inclined towards bringing a positive change as well as growth to the Pakistani cinema. I believe the hard work we put in the projects abroad can just as well be put in at home, where we are given the due respect that we deserve.