Vote-buying parties don’t want open ballot: Shibli

PESHAWAR   -  Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz said Thursday that steps have to be taken to get rid of the curse of ‘horse-trading’ in Senate election but the vote-buying parties do not want elections through open ballot.  

“Today, the country is indebted due to the royal expenses of ex-rulers,” said Shibli Faraz while talking to reporters here on Thursday. Criticising the PML-N central vice president, the Minister said that Maryam Nawaz said that she had to have surgery from abroad, “but I ask her that why she had not provided this facility in the country during her father’s party led government.”

“Now she has to go abroad for even cough treatment because nothing had been done economically for the people in the past. Due to the royal expenses of former rulers today the country is debited, said Shibli Faraz.

The Minister claimed that there is a lot of difference between the lifestyle of the former rulers and incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan. Comparisons of the previous rulers and the rule of PM Imran Khan has come to light, he said adding now there are no huge expenses of the PM’s office, and Imran Khan has ‘no Camp Office.’

“When the representatives would come in a transparent way, the public problems will be solved. We want a transparent senate election, but the vote-buying parties don’t want elections through open ballot. The PTI led government is going to start electronic voting,” said Shibli Faraz.  

The minister recalled that in the Charter of Democracy (CoD) the political parties had agreed on the show-of-hand in senate election, but today the same political parties are standing for secret polling.  

 “We want to end the shameful horse-trading in the Senate election, for which we have a digital lead and according to that figure PTI will win the proportionate seats in the senate election, claimed Shibli Faraz.  

He also said that he is grateful to Imran Khan for nominating him for the Senate, adding the PTI’s stance in the Senate election is clear. Shibli Faraz also expressed his heartfelt regret over the passing away of Pakistan Muslim League-N senior leader Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan.

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