Literature seems to be thriving across the world except in Pakistan as there is no good platform for aspiring writers to get their work published, due to discouragement from established publication houses. Writing is hardly seen as a profitable and lucrative career in Pakistan, if writers want to publish their books and indulge in pursuit of writing career as a means, they face dejection and scorn in the first place eventually they have to go for self-publication. 

For instance, I have published my book of poetry in English called “Peaks and Perils of Life”, it was totally self-financed and everyone wanted a complimentary copy; there is a heap of praise on my skillset as a writer but no profit. This social mindset has resulted in the death of writers and local literary works. There is almost no platform for aspiring writers to get their work published. The government must make a policy for royalties for writers and also announce literary awards for young writers. This move will encourage them to make quality literature for the ultimate progress of society.