The media holds a central place in every society. It serves as a mirror of the society that presents problems and issues of the populace to all concerned. In our country, though, it has been struggling through out for existence and has often just barely survived the various dictatorships we have had. The media is often called upon to be responsible because the slant it gives to a particular story or incident impacts perceptions of almost the whole population. Media narratives shape, alter or altogether change perceptions simply because the majority of people take what media says to be the ultimate truth. So telling the story in the most honest possible way is a pre-requisite of its function, or should be. There are times, though, when competitionthe race to 'break the news firstoverpowers the necessity of presenting true, unadulterated, unaltered facts, either on purpose or by mistake. This is what all media must guard against. -ZULFIQAR HAIDER, Islamabad, July 14.