The oil suppliers and fruit suppliers have been extorted on the CPEC National Highway through the fear of such forces as levies and police whose duties are to maintain the peace, controlling the robbery and provide justice to all.

From the money which is being taken from them, not a single rupee is going to the government’s accounts. All the money has been divided among the officers, police officers, and levies.

Similarly, this illegal activity is going on in Turbat, Punjgoor, Washuk, Kharan, Kuzdar, etc. The bank balances of both forces’ servants are increasing day by day and leading these people to suffer more and more. The government of Balochistan is unaware of this emerging issue and is not taking any positive steps to resolve the issue and empower the oil and fruit suppliers.

I humbly request the Governor and Government of Balochistan to remove these uncertainties on the CPEC National Highway which seems very unjust and unnecessary. I hope a brilliant measure will be taken and these extortions are stopped on the CPEC National Highway.