Peace process of Afghanistan


Afghanistan is one of those counties in the world which is in the gulp of terrorist attacks since 2001. Thousands of people, including women, children and elder people have been killed, and thousands migrated to Pakistan and Iran. The unending war is continuing. A few days ago, attacks occurred on the office of the election commission and other different places, in which eight members of the election commission, sixteen soldiers killed and many people got injured.

These attacks are killing innocent citizens and spreading terrorism in the county. The new wave of attacks is to stop the presidential election, which is being conducted in the coming months.

On the other hand, the peace process has started, and leaders of the Taliban have gathered in Doha ( Qatar ) with America and other allies. Pakistan has always wanted to begin the peace process of Afghanistan each time and has become the first county in the world with 30 lacs Afghan refugees. Due to them, Pakistan itself is facing problems. The Afghan President who recently came in Pakistan thanked the government for showing sympathy with Afghanistan. America praised the policy of Pakistan for the peace process in Afghanistan.

It is very pleasant to see the war of Afghanistan changing into peace. America, Pakistan, Afghanistan government and other leaders should continue their efforts to bring peace in Afghanistan.



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