LAHORE - Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Mian Nauman Kabir has urged all the political parties and the federal and provincial governments to stop issuing mere statements and come up with a detailed socio-economic plan with well-tailored and well thought-out implementation of long-term and short-term strategies. In a statement issued here on Monday, he said that issuing mere statements on socio-economic issues will not be doing any service to the country. All the political parties should present their detailed plans, not only for the economic stability but for the rule of law with quick and cheap justice, meritocracy, quality governance (transforming the state institutions to bring them to 21st century from the present 19 century status), quality education and research, changing the role of bureaucracy from being colonial masters to people’s servants etc. He said that the economy cannot be revived without major reforms in all these sectors. He said that the present state-of-affairs also demands collaborative efforts by all the political parties to set the direction of the country right and bringing it out of the quagmire it is facing presently. The LCCI president added: “Our biggest issue at the moment is our socio-economic decline. Our political parties should also have shadow cabinets and think tanks so that when they come in power, they have some detailed working plans in their hands to resolve the issues faced by the trade, industry, agriculture, nation and the country.”

He regretted that in our country bureaucracy is ruling and the politicians are dependent on it because there is no tradition of doing homework before coming into power in shape of a shadow cabinet and think tanks. The LCCI president said that the political parties should also brainstorm collectively and give a complete roadmap and strategy to implement their plans in the shortest possible time. Kabir said that it is imperative that every political party should have the above mentioned plans. Those political parties should not be allowed to contest the election which has no socio-economic plans. He said that only the collective and sincere efforts by all the political parties can help get rid of the economic issues within the shortest possible time.