It is a bad decision of the govern­ment of Punjab and Sindh to shut down businesses at 9 or 10 pm. It is idiotic because both provincial governments highlight through these orders that they do not un­derstand electricity production.

Pakistan has an electricity gen­eration capacity of 44,500 MW per hour. While maximum electrici­ty demand at peak daytime hours, when industry and domestic user both have high usage of electricity, is only 27,000 MW.

As Pakistan’s electricity trans­mission capacity is stuck at 22,500 MW per hour the government is not able to supply all energy to all industrial and domestic consum­ers at peak hours and therefore has to resort to load shedding in domestic users.

Therefore the provincial govern­ments of Sindh and Punjab should have closed down markets at peak hours or 12 PM till 4 PM to help overcome load shedding. Closing down markets at 9 PM when in­dustries are also closed and there is excess energy produced is just a wrong decision that will reduce economic activities and also in­crease power sector circular debt.

I, therefore, request all provincial governments to take back their de­cision of closing down markets at 9 PM when excess electricity can easily be sold to paying customers to avoid power sector circular debt and instead close down markets from 12 noon till 4 PM.