LAHORE - Of the total 15 provincial seats won by the PTI in Sunday’s by-elections, only one PML-N candidate offered a relatively close contest to the PTI man. It was witnessed in PP-202 (Sahiwal) where PTI candidate Major (R) Ghulam Sarwar defeated the PML-N’s Malik Nauman Langrial by a relatively narrow margin of 3,107 votes. Sawar secured 62,298 whereas Langrial got 59,191 votes. Omair Sarwar of the TLP polled 5,222 votes in this constituency.

In the rest of the constituencies, the PTI candidates had a smooth sailing against the PML-N candidates who got defeated by a wide margin of votes ranging from over 5,000 to 30,000 votes. Interestingly, PP-237 (Bahawalnagar) threw a surprising result as a turncoat Fida Hussain contesting on the PML-N ticket defeated the PTI’s Aftab Mehmood by a huge margin of 35,733 votes. Fida Hussain bagged 66,881 votes while his rival secured only 31,148. This was the highest margin of victory in Sunday’s by-election. The result was astonishing as the majority of other turncoats were defeated by a large margin of votes in their respective constituencies.

In PP-7 (Rawalpindi), PML-N candidate Raja Sagheer won by a very thin margin of 49 votes as he defeated PTI’s Shabbir Awan. Raja secured 68,906 votes while his rival got 68,857. The ECP has accepted the PTI candidate’s plea for a recount. Here, a TLP candidate Munawar Zahoor performed well as he got 14,755 votes. Raja Wasim Ahmad, an independent, got 3,084 votes.

PP-83 (Khushab-II) gave a split mandate, but PTI’s Hasan Aslam Awan defeated an independent candidate Asif Bhah securing 50,749 votes. Bhah polled 43,587 votes. The margin of victory in this constituency was 7,162 votes. The PML-N’s Ameer Haider Sangha got 35,395. Malik Hamid Mahmood Tiwana, an independent, obtained 11,533 votes. Zamarud Abbas Khan of TLP got 8,766 votes.

In PP-90 (Bhakar), the PTI’s Irfanullah Khan Niazi defeated Saeed Akbar Niwani of the PML-N by a big margin of 11,352 votes. Niazi got 77,865 while Niwani bagged 66,513 votes. Amjad Jameel of TLP got 3,270 votes. The presence of an independent Azfar Ali in this constituency who bagged 9,151 votes, might have diminished the victory prospects of Niwani, otherwise a strong candidate who never got defeated in the last 20 years or so.

In PP-97 (Faisalabad), the PTI’s Ali Afzal Sahi defeated Muhammad Ajmal Cheema of the PML-N by a decisive margin of 12,756 votes. Sahi polled 67,022 votes whereas Cheema bagged 54,266. Ali Afzal is son of former speaker Punjab Assembly, Muhammad Afzal Sahi. In 2018, Ajmal won as an independent candidate defeating Ali Afzal Sahi of the PTI. Naveed Shafi of TLP polled 7,696.

In PP-125 (Jhang), the PTI’s Mian Muhammad Azam Chaila defeated PML-N’s Faisal Hayat Jabboana by a huge margin of 30,020 votes. Jabboana had won as an independent in 2018 and later joined the PTI. Chaila got 82,297 votes while Faisal got 52,277. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan, an independent, secured 7,497 votes.

Highest margin of victory by a turncoat - 35,733 votes - recorded in Bahawalnagar

In PP-127 (Jhang), Nawaz Bharwana of the PTI defeated Mehar Muhammad Aslam Bharwana of the PML-N by a wide margin of 24,243 votes. Mehar Aslam had won as an independent in 2018 and later joined the PTI. Nawaz Bharwana got 71,648 votes while Aslam Bharwana polled 47,414.

In PP-140 (Sheikhupura), PTI’s Khurram Virk defeated PML-N’s Mian Khalid Mehmood of the PML-N by a wide margin of 18,061 votes. Virk got 50,166 whereas Khalid bagged 32,105 votes. In the 2018 election, Mian Khalid Mehmood won the constituency as a PTI candidate. Javaid Iqbal of TLP got 14,032 votes.

In PP-158, (Lahore), PTI’s Malik Akram Usman, also the son-in-law of Mian Mahmoodur Rashid defeated Rana Ahsan Sharafat of the PML-N by a modest margin of 5,557 votes. Akram Usman obtained 37,463 votes while Sharafat got 31,906. Mohammad Bilal of TLP got 5632 votes.

In PP-167 (Lahore), PTI’s Shabbir Gujjar, a first timer, defeated PML-N’s Nazir Chohan obtaining 40,511 votes. Chohan got 26,473 votes. The margin of victory remained at 14,038 votes. Hasnain Ahmad Shahzad of TLP got 4,536 votes.

In PP-168 (Lahore), Asad Khokhar of the PML-N defeated Malik Nawaz Awan of the PTI by a wide margin of 10,402 votes. Asad secured 26,169 votes while Awan polled 15,767. Amjad Abbasi of TLP got 6,246 votes.

In PP-170, Zaheer Abbas Khokhar of the PTI defeated PML-N’s Amin Chaudhry securing 24,688 votes. Amin got 17,519 votes. The margin of victory remained at 7,169 votes. Jamil Ahmad of TLP got 1,728 votes.

In PP-217 (Multan), PTI’s Zain Qureshi defeated Salman Naeem of the PML-N obtaining 47,349 votes. Salman got 40,425 votes. Margin of victory remained at 6,924 votes. Zain Qureshi is the son of Shah Mehmood Qureshi. In 2018, Naeem defeated Shah Mehmood Qureshi in this provincial seat and became an MPA for the first time and later joined the PTI. Zahid Hameed Gujjar of TLP got 2489

In PP-224 (Lodhran), PTI’s Amir Iqbal Shah defeated Zawar Hussain Warraich of the PML-N by a wide margin of 13,667 votes. Shah bagged 69, 881 votes whereas Zawar got 56,214. Shah was a PML-N ticket holder in the 2018 elections. Intizar Ahmad Attari of TLP got 3,525 votes

In PP-228 (Lodhran), an independent candidate, Rafiuddin Bokhari defeated PTI’s Captain (retired) Javed Khan and PML-N’s Nazir Ahmed Baloch. Rafiuddin secured 45,020 votes while Javed Khan polled 38,338. Margin of victory in this constituency remained at 6,682 votes. Nazir Baloch bagged 34,929 votes. Syed Arshad Ali Shah of TLP got 4,735.

In PP-237 (Bahawalnagar), the PML-N’s Fida Hussain defeated PTI’s Aftab Mehmood by a great margin of 35,733 votes.  Fida bagged 66,881 votes while Aftab secured only 31,148 votes.  Mian Rashid Mahmood Watto of TLP got 21,538 votes.

In PP-272 (Muzaffargarh), PTI’s Mozzam Khan Jatoi defeated PML-N’s Zehra Basit Bukhari securing 46,069 votes. Zehra got 36,401 votes. Margin of victory remained at 9,668 votes. She is the wife of PTI MNA Basit Sultan Bukhari. She got 36,401 votes. Moazaam got 46,069 votes. Mohammad Ibrahim of TLP got 4,360 votes. Syed Haroon Sultan, an independent got 6,962 votes. Zareena Kausar, an independent got 7,074 votes.

In PP-273 (Muzaffargarh), the PML-N’s Sibtain Raza who had won the constituency as a PTI candidate in 2018 defeated PTI’s Yasir Khan Jatoi by a margin of 8,447 votes. Sibtain got 59,679 votes while Yasir got 51,232. Mohammad Shafi Khan of TLP got 5,053.

In PP-282 (Layyah), PTI’s Qaiser Abbas Khan Magsi defeated PML-N’s Tahir Randhawa by a great margin of 18,360 votes. Magsi polled 57,118 votes while Tahir Randhawa got 38,758. Mohammad Riaz, an independent secured 16,193 votes. Mohammad Shahid Iqbal of TLP got 4,319 votes.

In PP-288 (Dera Ghazi Khan), PTI’s PTI’s Saif Khosa defeated Abdul Qadir Khan of the PML-N by a huge margin of 25,954 votes. Saif polled 58166 votes whereas Abdul Qadir got 32,212 votes. Saif Khosa is the son of the former governor Punjab Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa. Irfan Ullah of TLP got 3,270 votes.