ISLAMABAD - President of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Monday demanded Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to step down immediately, dissolve National Assembly and announce holding of general elections without any delay. The former interior minister was addressing a press conference here on Monday following PTI’s victory in Punjab by-elections. Ahmed said PTI chairman Imran narrative ‘won the hearts and minds’ of the people.

"PM Shehbaz Sharif is now PM of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) only", Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said. He went on to say that PTI chief Imran Khan would go back only after sending these all to their homes by defeating them in the elections.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed claimed that before 30th August this year important decisions concerning the country would be made, however he did not give any detail. He said there were some mistakes committed by PTI due to which party lost a seat in Lahore otherwise PTI could have won all other seats in by elections in Lahore.

Former interior minister urges PM to dissolve National Assembly

Sheikh Rashid claimed that in by-elections Asif Ali Zardari had buried PML-N in Lahore’s Lakshmi Chowk. He said now PTI would form its government in Punjab and would deliver to the masses. Talking about the role of the establishment, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said due to free and fair elections, the establishment got respect by the masses. Talking about Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said whatever he did against PTI workers it benefitted party in elections.

He claimed that Rana Sanaullah conducted raids even at the homes of his sisters because of personal vengeance. He said Imran Khan is the leader of the Muslim world and leading Pakistan in the right direction.