KARACHI    -    Sindh Labour and Human Re­sources Department informed on Monday that in view of the recom­mendations of the Minimum Wage Board, the minimum wages of un­skilled workers of Sindh province has been increased from Rs19,000 to Rs25,000 per month.

In this regard, the Government of Sindh, Labour and Human Resourc­es Department has issued a notifi­cation which will come into effect from June 1, 2022, under which all unskilled workers in Sindh should not be paid the minimum wage less than Rs25,000 per month.

In case of violation, the relevant laws will be implemented under Sindh Minimum Wages Act 2015. This order will be applicable to all employers in Sindh province to strictly abide by the minimum wage laws for 26 days and 8 hours of duty per day. In this regard, the complain­ants have been advised that in case of violation of the the Minimum Wage Act, contact should be made with the Office of Minimum Wage Board situated at 1st floor old KDA Building, Sindh Secretariat No 3 in Karachi. Their complaints should be lodged with the office of the board.

It is further stated that govern­ment/semi-government and all private entities, where labourers are hired through private contrac­tors and tenders to perform various duties, will be bound to not enter­tain the tender’s contracts in which wages should quoted less than min­imum wage of Rs25,000.