Govt raises Passcos wheat procurement target to 1.5m tons

LAHORE (PPI) - Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Services Corporation Limited (PASSCO) has completed its target of procuring 1.3 million tons of wheat, besides ensuring issue of bardana through proper monitoring and vigilance. However, the government has now enhanced the wheat procurement target of PASSCO to 1.5 million tons from earlier target of1.3 million tons to accommodate more farmers. According to a press release, there have been complaints about non-release of bardana by the growers due to the fact that PASSCO procured only 30 percent of the produce of the areas of jurisdiction. It obviously left large number of growers who cannot be accommodated. Due to the pressures from the growers, government has enhanced the target of PASSCO from 1.3 million tons to 1.5 million tons. The enhanced quantity has been distributed in various zones for procurement. To make the whole process absolutely transparent and to ensure benefit to the growers, monitoring teams comprising of seniors and management from Head Office have been constituted who will supervise the issue of bardana and collection of wheat. Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Services Corporation Limited since its inspection has been endeavouring to assist and benefit growers and all out efforts now are also being ensured that the enhanced quantity is issued to the genuine growers.