Wheels of change

In societies where women are encouraged to step out with men in every walk of life they become helpful both at their workplaces and as well as in their day-to-day domestic affairs. But majority of our women especially the working women are not mobile as such they have to wait under the sun at the bus stops for long duration and then to struggle for riding jam-packed public buses. Hiring of taxi or rickshaw either for going to workplace or for dropping their children in school everyday is not possible economically. If the bus doesnt turns up in time and taxi or rickshaw is also not available they are late in reaching their workplace and become defaulters. Similarly, with such transport problems while returning home after work they normally reach home well after sunset making their family members too worried due to uncertain law and order situation prevailing these days. To overcome the problem of public transports for women in our country especially working women, housewives and school/college going girls should be encouraged to use motorbikes which are affordable as compared to motor cars. When Pakistani women successfully driving motor cars, fly jet fighters why cant they drive motorbikes. Sadly it is our narrow minded society and social barriers which are creating hindrance for the women. We the men as their fathers, brothers and husbands cannot tolerate that our daughters, sisters and wives drive motorbikes on the roads in public areas. Then there are self-perceived fears that if women start using motorbikes on the roads they will be chased and teased by hooligans, fall pray to criminals and commit accidents. But we never realize that life will become so easy for our women and they will also share the outdoor work reducing the burden of their male family members. It is pertinent to note that Pakistani women have proved that they can drive heavy police motorbikes very safely on congested roads while chasing vehicles of traffic violators at Lahore as traffic wardens. To see these Pakistani girls riding motorcycle just click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv47YxMik24. In Bangladesh Arohi is the first woman who took initiative and promoted cycling for women in Bangladesh be it in order to ride a bicycle to work, school or for recreation, with an aim to break the stigma attached to a girl on a cycle and promotes freedom of mobility. It is just a matter of taking initiative by Pakistani women. They need to be encouraged by their family members and should be appreciated by our society. If our female TV stars film actresses and models start driving motorbikes on the roads, they can set a good example. Similarly, educated girls from upper class families should also come forward as trend setters in this regard. It is suggested that at first women in Karachi should set the trend of using motorbikes so that women in other smaller cities are also encouraged through their example. Scooters are very safe to ride by women or they should drive light weight motorcycles. They should obtain learners driving license for motorcycle and join some driving school or should learn at home with the help of their male family members. SQN LDR (RETD) S. AUSAF HUSAIN, Karachi, June 18.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt