MULTAN - The Multan Waste Management Company (MWMC) cleanliness operation remained continue despite first rain of the monsoon which flooded the city of saints.

In the first phase, the cleanliness of Model roads of the city was completed. Moreover, the culvert were cleaned on priority basis for speedy drainage of rainy water from roads. Chief Executive Officer MWMC, Muhammad Farooq Dogar paid visit to the city and encouraged the workers. He also took a ride on motorbike during rain and gave motivation to the monitoring staff and workers.

Muhammad Farooq Dogar directed workers to remove obstacles in the drainage of rain water from roads and streets on priority basis.

The company management also issued instructions regarding precautionary measures to be taken for the workers working in the field.

Workers were instructed to avoid approaching electricity poles and  to do waste lifting instead of sweeping the roads in view of water.

In addition, operational staff were instructed to ensure lifting of all containers in the city and clean up of waste bins.