ISLAMABAD - The coalition government has seemingly made up its mind to complete its remaining period with unity as any ‘political adventure’ at this stage could badly affect their position in next general elections.

The ruling clique, despite the economic challenges, optimistically believes to come out of the current crisis-like situation within six months. The option of leaving the government at this critical juncture could not only prove a ‘political suicide’ for all the allies, but it would politically beneficial for the previous ruling party (PTI).

Background discussions with the senior parliamentarians from treasury benches revealed that the coalition partners of the government, despite old rivalries have decided to remain united till the next general polls. The main coalition partners [PML-N and PPP] have to avoid developing cracks in its ranks to smoothly cross the tough political terrain. “It's a time to tolerate each other to put the country on a right path or face the wrath of masses,” commented a senior member from treasury benches, desiring not to be named.

Around a week before, the gossips were rife that the present government may decide to dissolve the National Assembly and prefer to go to the masses after passage of the finance bill 2022-23.

The senior leadership of both the main partners are uninterested to ‘jump from the ship’ at this stage as it is optimistic to come out from the crisis.

Talking to this newspaper, senior parliamentarian Mian Riaz Hussian Pirzada said the present government would prefer to stay in the government with unity. “Jumping from the ship at this critical juncture is tantamount to political suicide,” he said and confidently remarked that this government would come out of crisis in less than six months.

Adventure of leaving govt at this stage may prove as ‘political suicide’

“There was two ways for the coalition government; either to save the country or save its own politics,” said the federal minister, adding that the coalition government preferred to save the country over their politics for opting to take the reins in tough economic circumstances.

Pirzada was hopeful that the coalition government would be able to provide maximum relief to the masses in its next federal budget. “After November, things will be on a right path,” he said, mentioning that the incumbent government has made a timely decision to secure the resumption of the export of Indonesian palm oil to Pakistan and avoid a shortage of the commodity in the market.

With other economic challenges, the present government has been facing a big challenge to deal with the submitted resignations of the 133 PTI MNAs. The National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, in the current political scenario, would not further delay the process. The non-presence of PTI members in the verification process has clearly indicated that it has left the ball in the court of government.

Political gurus viewed that the government has to take a final decision after taking all the allies into confidence in the current month. The decision of accepting the resignation in bulk would further change the political scene in the country, as the bye-elections on more than hundred seats would be a new and challenging experience.