PESHAWAR   -   Avian lovers and professional breeders of fancy birds in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have formed a society to highlight cage farming potential in creation of livelihood opportunities for thousands of jobless youth and womenfolk. “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bird Society has been formed by professional breeders to gather under a platform for promotion of business and to highlight the potential of cage farming as a potential source of earning,” observed Pir Asharaf Ali, Chairman KP Bird Society. The idea behind gathering of fancy bird breeders is to apprise people about potential of this business and convincing them to opt for cage farming as a source of earning in prevailing time of slump in business caused by corona lock downs and price hike, Ashraf Ali explains. Talking to APP, Pir Ashraf said he is a professional breeder owning a farm named `’Birdejo-Mardan’ and also a social activist supervising a welfare organization named of Ansar Welfare Organization in Mardan district. Pir Ashraf said that interactions with poor and needy people including jobless youth, penny less elders and widows had forced him to search for an honorable source of earning for such people. “I am of the opinion that financial aid can not end poverty and just provide a temporary relief by fulfilling need of people, but supporting them to stand up on their own feet through starting a business at small scale is a sustainable solution to problem and very suitable for beneficiary,” Pir Ashraf opined.

He said he shared the idea with fellow breeders of apprising people about potential of fancy cage birds business and donating pair from new stock among needy people.

The proposal received encouraging response and all the breeders agreed on promotion of the idea and practice for creation of livelihood sources for jobless people, he continued.

“Cage bird farming is not only a good source of earning but can also help in diverting the attention of jobless youth towards useful work instead of getting involved in bad habits,” comments Nauman Hussain, member of KP Bird Society and noted businessmen from Mardan. Nauman informed APP that fancy cage bird farming is highly profitable business and can be started with little investment even at home.

There is no need of building big farms, anyone can start this business by reserving a small portion of their house for keeping bird cage, he added.

A pair of fancy birds soon converts into flock through breeding, increasing the stock and capital of owner.

Nauman informed that KP Bird Society recently also organized a seminar of bird lovers in Mardan district with the support of Royal Birds Zone an Birdenjo-Mardan.

In the seminar it was decided to form a whatsapp group of bird lovers for exchange of views especially about illness of birds.

Nauman said most of the bird lovers are not aware about better treatment of their stock and face losses in case of some disease.

The General Secretary of KP Bird Society, Imad ud Din is also running a Youtube channel to educate people regarding rearing love birds and other fancy birds, Nauman continued.

KP Bird Society will extend help to aspiring needy people to start business by giving them a pair on installment and on low budget plan.

They will get membership of organization and avail benefits including discount in treatment of the stock through registered veterinary doctors, 10 percent in purchase of birds from specified dealers, free copy of magazine of society and 50 percent off in fee for participation in seminars organized by society.

Nauman said he has also shared the idea with members of Mardan Chamber who also appreciated and held out assurance of cooperation and support in its promotion.

He said presently bird lovers are paying millions of rupees on import of fancy birds and if the idea is promoted a time will come we will be able to export our stock.

Mayor Mardan District, Himayat Ullah Mayar also supported the idea and urged the youth to take benefit of the proposal.

Speaking at the seminar arranged by Bird Society Himayat Mayar said fancy bird farming is a profitable business and has the potential of expanding at national as well as at international level.

The trend of pet farming and business of beautiful birds on social media is increasing and providing opportunity to people to take benefit of it.

He appreciated the efforts of Bird Society for its endeavor of creating awareness about cage farming business and for extending support to those who deserve cooperation in making a start.